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 Artículos incluidos en Software NEOGEO AES
2020 Super Baseball (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1535 lecturas)
 Conventional Baseball no longer exists in the year 2020. The "Super Baseball Association" has been very profitable over the years with robotics power players up against the strongest of athletes. Due to the secret manipulation of certain robotics team players,....
3 Count Bout (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1603 lecturas)
 The Power. The Pain. The Glory. Lock horns with 10 of the world's most rambunctious wrestlers ever! In the ring, on the street, use your wits, ability, and various tools at your disposal to pummel, pound, bite, scratch, kick, and gouge your way to survival....
Andro Dunos (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1635 lecturas)
 Enter a world of vivid color, imagination, and space fantasy. A mission to deceive enemy guard in this bold new frontier. Pilot the awesome space fighters through the treacherous corridors of space. The newly developed fighter is equipped with multiple armament....
Art of Fighting (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1499 lecturas)
 Being a great fighter takes more than strength and pain. You need wisdom and need to win at any cost! Ryo Sakazaki's sister has been kidnapped and it leads Ryo and Robert, two of the greatest fighters of all time, on the most dangerous search of their lives.......
Art of Fighting 2 (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1601 lecturas)
 RYO and ROBERT return along with 10 of the meanest of SOUTHTOWN. Use new characters and the RAGE GAUGE, visit new places, meet new enemies; then push their faces in with your newly acquired arts of ARMAGEDDON....
Baseball Stars (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1478 lecturas)
 Big League Players hit, run throw and make dynamic plays!
Blue's Journey (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1523 lecturas)
 The planet RAGUY is a beautiful star in which many strange but wonderful creatures live in total harmony. Then came the invasion of the Daruma empire. They have brought with them the industrialization which has all but consumed their planet and is now polluting....
Crossed Swords (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1388 lecturas)
 Radical RPG points! Unlike your average RPG scoring system, this slasher rates points for power, speed, and magic....
Cyber-Lip (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1498 lecturas)
 Up until now, mankind has enjoyed their prosperity....
Eight Man (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (2203 lecturas)
 SUPER 8 MAN, designed and built from the latest nuclear age technology, this incredibly agile robot moves at lightning speed and looks completely human, yet he is constructed with the most advanced internal computers and the strongest of steel....
Fatal Fury 2 (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1478 lecturas)
 "FATAL FURY 2" FROM NEO-GEO. The three lone wolves return to clash with new opponents in the "Sultan of Slugs" Battle Royale. After a year in training, forging bodies of steel, Andy, Joe, and Terry take on the world....
Fatal Fury Special (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1499 lecturas)
 15 of the FATAL FURY SERIES' TOP STARS gather in the match of the millennium....
King of the Monsters (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1492 lecturas)
 You've never witnessed or experienced wrestling action like that of the 6 brutal monsters that go for the kill in this 55 megs of growling stereo action! You and a friend battle it out! Or work together to beat the NEOGEO's choice of monster. Head slam,....
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1359 lecturas)
 NAM - 1975 - SUMMER...
Ninja Combat (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1916 lecturas)
 Joe and Hayabusa head toward the NINJA TOWER to destroy the SHADOW FAMILY. Their quest is to bring peace back to the people.
Puzzled (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1323 lecturas)
 Once upon a time, the god of sun built a huge wall in the center of the "man's village" and the, "woman's village" where they had bee fighting for a long, long time.
Samurai Shodown (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1471 lecturas)
 Twelve of the mightiest samurai, ninja, knights, and warriors from Japan, France, the States, and China lock swords in NEO GEO's SAMURAI SHODOWN. With blades, bare rage, and various Methods of Mayhem, fight your way to the final battle with Satan's Shogun....
Super Sidekicks (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1948 lecturas)
 Along with your Ace Striker and his array of sliding, overhead, and diving shots, lead your team to victory and seize the prized SNK Cup.
Thrash Rally (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 15/8/2004 (1408 lecturas)
 The World Rally Championship and Pari-Dakar Rally are replayed realistical I y based on the updated racing data....
Windjammers (NEOGEO AES)
Mainframe el 13/8/2004 (1752 lecturas)
 The new sports game you've been losing sleep over is finally here on the NEO GEO SYSTEM!!!...
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