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Juegos para la consola NEC Turbografx
 Artículos incluidos en Software NEC Turbografx
Alien Crush (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1882 lecturas)
 "Alien Crush" is a spellbinding video pinball game combining real, "turbo-charged" pinball action with far-out alien graphics. Rack up a winning score as you discover a I the twists, tricks and hidden bonuses inside the caverns of some of the most outlandish....
Cyber Core (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1454 lecturas)
 Game Princess 198?
Devil's Crush (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1486 lecturas)
 Devil's Crush-The Ultimate Game ofPinball Action! "Devils Crush" is an incredible video pinball game combining "turbo-charged" action with eerie, underworld graphics. You play in a world cursed with devils. Channel your rage into the Spring of Justice.....
Dungeon Explorer (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1830 lecturas)
 Welcome, adventurer, to a strange land. This is a world of magic, potions, alien masters and hidden dangers. But listen closely now, for you are the last hope of this once peaceful nation....
J.J. & Jeff (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1444 lecturas)
 We come to the world of those two bungling detectives, J.J. and Jeff. Out to solve a kidnapping case, they run across all sorts of bad guys and obstacles, not to mention the evil "Boss Kara" himself. Constantly looking for clues, hidden screens, coins, keys....
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1496 lecturas)
 You are Keith Courage. Struck by a giant meteor, the world has been invaded by strange creatures from another planet. Burrowing deep within the earth's surface, the Planet of B.A.D. (Beastly Alien Dudes) seeks to take over the world. As a member of N.I.C.E.....
Knight Rider Special (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1542 lecturas)
 Pack-in Video Co., Ltd 198?
Pac-Land (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1764 lecturas)
 A fairy princess has appeared in Pac-Land and it's Pac-Man's job to help her out! Leap over bridges, cross over rivers and face mountains, forests and deserts in your quest to save her....
Power Eleven (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1397 lecturas)
 Hudson Soft 1991
Victory Run (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (2082 lecturas)
 Victory Run recreates the thrill of the rugged Pans to Dakar road rally. Negotiate the unpredictable French countryside. Conquer the Sahara. Change gears. Increase engine speed. Replace damaged parts....
World Court Tennis (NEC TurboGrafx)
Mainframe el 12/8/2004 (1555 lecturas)
 Face 17 of the World's Top Tennis Professionals...Plus an All-New Tennis Adventure! Take on the world's top video tennis professionals in this "turbo-charged" game of realistic sports action. In World Court Tennis you choose your player and opponent from....
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