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Fichas y articulos > Software MSX > Wreck, the (MSX cartucho)
Wreck, the (MSX cartucho)

Publicado por Leovanifer el 19/2/2010 (1997 lecturas)

You enter the water-front bar with enough money left for a couple of lously drinks.

Tomorrow you have to sell the boat and the rest of your salvage gear to pay off your creditors; which is a shame, if you could only have another week you could explore the whole of the wreck you´ve found out there on the reef. There's something about that ship that doesn't fit. With a name like hers, the 'Beaulieu Anne' should be proudly sailing, not lying precariously on the bottom, cursed and quiet! One more week and another few dollars. There's no point, you tell yourself. Mr Yes has turned you down. No more credit, no more explanations. Depressed and angry you order a drink.

The old man you slump down next to at the bar looks as though he's in the same state. The barman pours you both a drink as the old man starts to tell you his story... of how he had escaped from the foreign treasure ship when it went down! He even bundled the dying Captain into the only unsabotaged lifeboat, the one the mutineers had been going to use. News had leaked about the ship carrying gold, that's what had started the mutiny: everybody had wanted a cut. The Captain had locked the gold away in one of the ship's three safes. And then he had changed all the combinations.

You order more drinks and the old man continues...

Electric Software Limited 1985

Cartucho, referencia Electric Software 5206/1

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